Why sales is really not as bad you think
Why sales is really not as bad you think

For a long time, so many people have thought of sales as the “no go area” when it comes to starting and building a career. The problem is that a lot of people have the mindset that sales is too difficult and frustrating. Most people simply do not have any confidence in the ability to seal a deal or generate business growth.

As a result, Richard says sales is difficult. Vanessa thinks so too. And a million and one other people on earth. Do we agree or not? what is the truth?

The Truth!

Sales can be tasking, very true! And for a person to succeed at it, there is usually a need to have a passion for it. The ability to meet targets and goals makes sales very rewarding and fulfilling.

There is usually no better feeling. It takes a good level of dedication and creativity. The ability to persuade and make a person believe in your products and services is also very key. The truth is that we are all selling at almost every point in our lives, we just don’t realize it.

Do you remember when you went for an interview? Trying to nail that job. Exactly! That is called the art of selling yourself. You wanted the job so bad, you put in everything to ensure that they were impressed and would be delighted to hire you for the role. In fact, the entire process of sending out your CV and Cover letter to various organizations, hoping to be called for an interview, is sales! Nothing but sales. This can be also likened to sending your business proposals to various clients for consideration and approval. Do you see it? of course!

Furthermore, Sales is embedded in our daily lives. For example, when you convince a friend that Apple products are more durable than Samsung products. You find yourself comparing both brands and giving them all of the reasons why they should purchase an iPhone rather than a Samsung phone. That is selling! (without getting paid for it). Why not do it and get paid?

Now, what else should you know? 

A fantastic salesperson should have certain skills. These are skills which make the job a lot easier and smoother.

Interrelationship skills:

Sales is majorly about building worthy business relationships and trust with new and existing clients. So many people do not realize the value that is created when they build such relationships. It goes beyond your job or sealing the deal. You also get to sell yourself and put yourself in the right places, with the right people. This could go a long way in helping you succeed career-wise.

Communication skills:

The ability to communicate excellently endears you to your customers. You should learn and master the rules of communicating via physical speech, phone calls or emails. And part of communicating is ‘listening’. You must have listening ears too.

Good Persona

Finally! How do you present and position yourself? You should not forget to look the part. It is a necessity for you and your brand. A salesperson who continuously comes in contact with clients should always look good and presentable. Your look and composure is part of your brand and business.

The Good News

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We look forward to helping you find that perfect job!

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