hardest part of an interview
What Is The Hardest Part Of An Interview

Interview questions can be quite tricky and difficult to answer, especially when you are asked an unusual question.

Hence, it is highly essential that you read up on common interview questions and how best to answer them.

Also, make adequate research on the company, the mission, vision and core values of the team. This better prepares you for questions that should ordinarily be a bit difficult to answer.

Several candidates still feel stressed when they have interviews and do not perform very well. This might be due to their inability to answer certain questions very well.

This led the Assist to Hire Team to put out an engaging post on Social media, asking people what the hardest part of an interview is, based on their experiences. We got some pretty interesting responses!

Here are some of the responses we received from our followers on Instagram:

Why do want us to hire you?

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This question requires that you provide an answer which proves that you should be hired and would add value to the organization. Candidates are expected to sell themselves at this point, tell the recruiter about your skills and competencies, explain how you plan to apply these to achieve organizational and personal goals and objectives. This is a very good way to answer the question.

Not receiving feedback

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Kiddieskulture mentioned that this is her major challenge with the recruitment process. Following up with the recruiter after the interview is very important. Irrespective of the decision taken, either favorable or unfavorable to the interviewee.

Most recruiters usually deal with a very large volume of recruitment requests and the feedback process is left out most times. If you don’t receive feedback we suggest you send a thank-you letter on the same day of the interview or the next day. In the letter, kindly thank the recruiter for his or her time, reiterate your core skills as it relates to the job, and politely request for feedback.

Here is an instruction on how to write a personalized thank you letter to an employer.

Why did you quit your job?

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According to @isyjennie, this question is tough and tricky. The wrong answer may get you disqualified. Hence, she finds it to be one of the hardest questions at an interview

However, it is important to note that recruiters ask this question to find out the reason for leaving your previous workplace. There is a need to do proper background checks on candidates who apply for jobs, hence this is a very important question. We recommend that you give an honest yet diplomatic answer to this question. The recruiter can easily tell when you are lying.

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As you read this article, your contributions are also welcome! , “What part of the interview stage do you consider the hardest?” Please share your experience, and we shall discuss it.

We hope to read from you soon!

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