“Tell me about yourself” (How to answer)

What are the important things the interviewer wants you to talk about when they ask you certain questions in an interview session? What response should you give when asked the question “tell me about yourself in an interview session? This article takes a critical look at how to answer interview questions. Let’s take a look;

Tell me about yourself

To a lot of people, this is a very tricky question, mainly because they are not able to determine what the interviewer really wants to know.

Therefore, some candidates go on and on and they continue to talk about highly irrelevant things. The interviewer is really not interested in knowing some things and they are:

Don’t talk about…

Your best food

Your best color

Primary school attended

Secondary school attended


Friends, etc.

Here is a list of things you are expected to talk about when asked the question “tell me about yourself”

Your work experience




Projects you have worked on

Challenges you have overcome

Team member/lead roles you have played

Competencies and other relevant information you should share with the interviewer.

For example: instead of saying…

“My name is xyz, I finished from xyz primary school, after which I attended xyz secondary school, I am number 2 of 6 children from xyz local government in xyz state” (believe me, the interviewer is already bored)

You can actually say…

“I’m a focused individual who also possesses excellent leadership skills. I have worked in different teams and I was able to drive results and achieve set targets and goals. One of the qualities that sets me apart is my ability to think critically and analytically. This helps me to solve problems and overcome challenges”

Ultimately, You would agree that this is a more accurate and interesting answer and the interviewer would definitely want to know more.

On a final note

Do not lie. Do not claim to have achieved what you haven’t achieved. The interviewer would ask more questions and you would most likely be exposed. This would ruin your chances of getting the job

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