Social Media as a Tool For Virtual Sales
Social Media as a Tool For Virtual Sales

Coronavirus cases in Nigeria moved from a few to over 900 in just a few weeks. 

With the rise of people isolating indoors and working online, buying and selling of essential commodities are shifting more to the online space.

Organizations now display their goods or services on social media platforms as opposed to displaying their wares in public stores.

The internet has allowed businesses to expand their footprint, increase sales volume using different avenues and strategies.

One powerful tool to drive sales virtually is social media. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and all forms of social media can be used to drive sales if done correctly.

Now, more than ever, the competition to retain customers has increased due to the increased competition online.

As more customers go online to purchase goods or services, the best way to retain any customer is to provide them with a unique experience.

How can businesses leverage the internet or the online space to drive sales?

What tools or platforms can drive sales to a business?

Live chat

Live chat is a website tool that allows customers to communicate with the customer service representative of an organization in real-time. With a live chat installed on your website, a customer service agent can attend to your customers online.


Facebook is a social media tool for driving sales. A company can have a Facebook Page and have customers like the page. When the company makes a post about the business, everyone who likes the page sees the company’s update. Frequently asked questions or enquiries answered in the message box.


Instagram is a pictorial social media platform. Take beautiful pictures of your goods and services and post it on Instagram. Ensure you follow up with potential customers who show interest or make enquiries about your products/services.


The twitter platform allows only 280 characters per tweet; this means summarizing your idea in a single tweet. Alternatively, you can make a continuous thread about your product to inform your potential customers.

There are so many ways to utilize social media to drive sales in your business, and these are only a few. 

Please stay updated as we bring you current updates on the prevalent pandemic and how businesses can survive in these times.

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