Are you looking to teach in Nigeria? You might want to commence a full-term career in it, or you might want to teach for a certain period of time. Either ways, you should know a few things about the profession and how to make the most of it financially in Nigeria. Here’s a need-to-know guide.

The first thing you need to know is that teachers in Nigeria have their earnings determined by two major things: their educational qualification AND the school standard. So, to excel as a teacher (especially financially) get the relevant degrees AND search for the best.

According to a report by Vanguard, unlike their counterparts in other countries, teachers are some of the lowest paid professionals in Nigeria.  Mysalaryscale.com reports that teachers earn a general average of #49,000. The teaching industry in Nigeria is really strange because there are teachers earning as much as 300,000 (and much more), and some as low as 15,000.

The big schools which pay well (I’ve made a list for you at the end of the article) want the best talents in order to be able to churn out good products and maintain their standards. So, if you are qualified, all you have to do is check look out for these openings on Assist to Hire. Do note that this does not mean all teachers earn this amount. The “average salary” means that some teachers earn lower than this while others earn higher. The average salary is just a figure for you to build you Primary school teachers seem to fall very low in this salary scale.

For your notes, I have compiled some of the secondary schools that pay the highest salaries in Nigeria and the links to their websites:

  1. Regent School, Maitama.
  2. Olashore International school.
  3. Bloombreed High School, Port Harcourt
  4. Lead British International School
  5. British International School, Victoria Island.
  6. Norwegian International School, Port Harcourt
  7. Nigerian Turkish International College
  8. Greenoak International School
  9. International Community School, Abuja.
  10. Whiteplains British School


In conclusion, if you are looking to be one of the well sought-after teachers is to at least get a university degree in the subject you want to teach. This is basic. To increase your chances even more, you can take the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PDGE). To get updates on openings for Teachers, you can register on Assist to Hire here.


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