Get back into the job market
I’ve been out of work for a year, how do I get back into the job market?

During the IG Live session, one of our guests popped a question that he’s been out of a job for a year, and would like to know how to get back to work.

Read our best advice below:

There are currently over 21 million people without a job. 

Many applicants are faced with fierce competition to secure a job. 

So the question is, how do you stand out amidst this competition? 

Here are our best tips!

Analyze your current skills

Before you start applying for jobs or sending out your CV, you should take time to analyze your skills and strengths. 

Also, go back and review your previous expertise from other work experience or projects. 

To see where to improve, take a note paper and pen and jot down all your skills that need polishing.

Do your homework

Research what it is going to take to get you back to work. Identify the skills or expertise needed and expected from prospective employers in the current market.

Once you’ve done that, match your skills with the in-demand jobs so that you can train to get qualified for job openings. 

Identify your strength and sell yourself

You can’t sell value if you don’t know what you are selling. You must identify your strengths and market value all the time.

Once you’ve done that, you should create a professional résumé, cover letter and develop a branded LinkedIn profile that will depict your expertise to employers.

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