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Have you ever wondered how to sell to a customer in the north? What if you wanted to sell your products and services and make him buy from you? What would you do?

There are so many answers to these questions. In this article, we would outline some things you can do which you might find really interesting

More so, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you even begin to think about meeting up with your client from the north.

Here’s what you need to do

First of all, what do you understand about him? What do you know about his culture, language, religion, food? How can you make him feel ‘at home’ with you? Bearing in mind that you speak and dress differently, In fact, most of the things you do are done differently in comparison with him.

Understand ‘his ways’!

The most important tip you would probably get from this article is to ‘understand his ways’. What exactly do we mean by ‘his ways’?  Let us give you a rundown real quick!

You need to understand how he lives, what kind of food he eats, how he dresses, the places he likes to visit, and so much more. Are you wondering why you need to know all of these? Read on!

The reason is that sales as a profession is not merely about ‘selling’ it is about building and maintaining lifelong profitable relationships and trust. We cannot emphasize this enough! It is important that you find common grounds with your client.

Quick and practical examples here

For example, if you know where he likes to eat, you can offer to meet with him over lunch at his favorite restaurant. If you are well aware of how he dresses, you could decide to dress in a similar way for a meeting with him. The point is to make him aware that you understand him and that it goes beyond just selling to him.

Let us give another quick example, what happens when you visit him at his home and he invites you over to join him on his mat? You simply join him on the mat! This is how businesses are sealed.

In addition, you should be willing to communicate very well with him. If this means you have to learn a few words or phrases in his language, go ahead and do it!

Not just the Hausa man, even the Igbo or Yoruba man.

Yes, you can apply these same techniques in a situation where your client is either Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, White, Black, etc. The point is that you make efforts to understand them and how they do their things. This would help you to connect better and relate with them on a very different yet professional and profitable level.

On a final note

Sales is not meant to be boring. Make the most of your experience and the relationships you build along the way. These golden techniques can be applied to people of different ethnicities and backgrounds as well. What then are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the most of your next sales experience!

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