Career Change During & Post COVID-19
How to Make a Career Change During & Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted people and businesses across the globe as millions continue to experience layoffs, furloughs and reduced hours.

The pandemic has also forced some industries to close up in Nigeria, resulting in little or no reliable employment in the labour market.

According to, the current unemployment is 27.1% indicating 21.7 million people are currently unemployed in Nigeria. Employees have no choice but to pivot and change jobs or possibly, their careers.

Either you’ve lost your job, or currently underpaid as a result of the pandemic, you must pivot and explore several steps that would help you transition into a new job or career.  

No matter the circumstances, there are strategies employees can adopt to set yourself up for a successful career change.

While times like these will present specific challenges, a career or job change may help you navigate the pandemic, but you must upskill to qualify for in-demand jobs.

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