Hire top sales agents in Lagos
Hire Top Sales Executives in Lagos

Training Sales Executives Ready to be deployed in Lagos

Are you looking to increase your ROI? Are you concerned about the productivity and creativity of your sales personnel? Would you be willing to invest in professional training for your sales personnel? Are you passionate about having a workforce that is willing to align solutions to customer needs?  If you answered yes to this, you are just the one we are looking for!

Who we are

Assist to Hire is a unique platform that helps businesses find and train sales and customer service agents that can represent their brand excellently and sell their products and services effectively.

What we are offering

We are pleased to offer you training sessions for your sales personnel. A sales skills training programme which aims at getting the best out of your sales agents, executives and managers.  The training session aims to equip participants with valuable and practical skills as it relates to Basic sales, Personal effectiveness and Communication skills.

What more?

At Assist to Hire, Professionalism and Excellence are values which we uphold tightly. We wish to execute such qualities as we offer services of high relevance to our clients.  

In addition, we aim to establish a healthy relationship with your company as we are also able to provide quality candidates for the vacant sales roles in your company.

Our database of qualified candidates

We have a database of qualified sales candidates who have been assessed and tested. We take our time to carefully filter through applications using our inbuilt Application Tracking Sytem. This allows us to only select candidates who are qualified for job roles based to our client’s specific requirements. Our candidates are also trained with essential skills and knowledge required to function excellently on the job. We can guarantee that you would have access to a pool of qualified candidates who can do the job.

The perks!

There are so many benefits of using our platform. Ofcourse, Saving time and cost is the primary benefit you would derive from our platform. We would mention a few others benefits here

More Visibility

We would make your jobs more visible to our wide range of users on the website and across all of our social media platforms. This is the very first step and it keeps us on track!

Our inbuilt Automatic Tracking System

We filter through all the job candidates using essential keywords based on your specific requirements. This allows us to meet your specific needs and deliver only the best candidates for the role.

Your confidentiality is our priority

We make sure not to disclose any information you do not want disclosed.

We shortlist the most qualified candidates

We take our time to carefully filter through and select qualified candidates. We also meet with selected candidates to ensure that they meet up with the requirements.

We deliver!

Yes, we always deliver. We are ever ready to work with you towards recruiting a workforce that is responsible, professional, passionate and up to the task. Wouldn’t you rather do business with us?

Other roles

Apart from Sales and Customer service, we also conduct recruitment for other roles across several sectors for our wide range of clientele. These roles include:

Business development officer and manager, Human Resource manager, Asset Officer, Inspection officer, IT systems engineer, Core network engineer, Meter installer, Drivers and other general and technical roles.

Kindly visit www.verifiedrecruit.com to know more about other roles apart from Sales and Customer service.

Contact us today!

You can reach out to us on phone 07089103389

Visit our website at www.assisttohireblog.com to start posting jobs today!

Email: info@assisttohire.com

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you soon.

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