Happy 60th Independence Anniversary
Happy 60th Independence Anniversary

As we mark Nigeria’s 60th independence today, let’s reflect on how far we’ve come as a nation and how mighty the country can become if we all play our part.

Remember, a prosperous nation is a product of her citizens’ collective efforts.

We understand that the economy might not be too friendly with businesses, resulting in low job offers and high levels of unemployment. Still, we must continue to put more effort into all we do, even as we strive for positive results.

A business owner should strategize and provide on-demand services, while job seekers or employers, on the other hand, should work towards upskilling to remain relevant in the job market.

Would you like to know how to strategize and upskill? Kindly stay glued to all our platforms as we continually share employment and workplace tips.

Happy Independent Day Nigeria and Nigerians!!!

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