Why should you even bother about LinkedIn anyway? You can always get interview invites via traditional means, isn’t it? Well, I bet you would want to reconsider when you’re reading this. LinkedIn currently boasts of about half a billion users. The social networking app leads amongst others as the primary tool for social media recruiting.

Social Media Recruiting or Social Recruiting is the use of Social Media Websites to search for qualified candidates and advertise job openings. According to a recent study by a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company, Talent Works, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn for their recruitment processes. I bet you would want to join LinkedIn now if you haven’t already. Here’s a guide on how to optimise your time on the website and get hired on Linkedin.


  • Optimize your Intro

Your profile is where everything starts and your Intro is the most important. Your profile summary and headline are very important; they must contain certain keywords. “Keywords” are the job roles that recruiters type in the LinkedIn search engine when trying to select talents. Use necessary keywords so your name pops up for the kind of job you want.

  • Recommendations are helpful

It helps to have recommendations given by your colleagues and friends. Although recommendations are not the most credible sources for their decision, recruiters will put the content of the recommendation into consideration at times.

  • Experience List

Your experience list is important. It should include all your relevant work experience. Under projects, volunteer experience, include every project you have worked on that evidences your skills.

  • Customize your LinkedIn Profile URL:

    A recruiter friend recently created a Typeform portal to take applications. He included a field that requests for a link to the applicant’s profile. It helps when your Profile URL



Your network is your net worth, they say. Well not exactly your net worth, you know. But you get the idea. Some, however, commit an error with this sending connection requests to many people unnecessarily. Put in perspective, this

  • Industry colleagues

Find people in your industry and connect with them. This helps you to be aware of industry events, seminars, and connect with industry leaders.

  • Past and current co-workers

  • Connect with Recruiters

Seems obvious enough, right? Well, this is important.


You can increase your chances of being messaged or noticed by an hiring manager through your level of engagements in the feed.

  • Share Relevant Posts

This helps in presenting you as a valid option in your industry.

  • Engage with Industry posts

When someone posts something you learn from, thank them in the comments section. Like and comment on posts by your colleagues and mentors. The idea is to increase your visibility but some people do it wrongly. Do not comment like a robot or rather, do not spam their comment sections. Don’t just comment because you have to or people will soon notice you’re just doing it to be seen.


There are two ways to do this:

  • Jobs Tab

LinkedIn filters job updates by Recruiters in your area and presents them under this tab. Usually, some of them have the option to apply right from there.


  • Specific Company Jobs

You can always go to the company page where there is a “See jobs” section. Current job openings from this company are listed there for you to go through. Also, following a company page lets you see job opening announcements in your feed.


In conclusion, it is important you remember that the point of the platform is to connect. Make yourself memorable to your connections (among whom are recruiters). Present yourself as competent, a core professional, an intelligent person in what you do.

Keep your updated CV handy. Once you go through the above steps, your chances of having to send it to recruiters who message you on the app or in response to Job Ads you see on the app.

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