Funny Statements That’ll Motivate You to Finally Kick Off Your Job Search

Funny Statements That’ll Motivate You to Finally Kick Off Your Job Search

Have you been wanting to kick start a job search but been holding back due to fear of the unknown or something else?

Are you among those who don’t love their jobs but are stuck in it nonetheless simply because you’re scared to try something new?

You may be venting your frustration, but if you don’t take actions, you’d remain stuck for as long as you wish.

Here are few funny statements to motivate you to finally begin your job search.

1. For the Person Who Likes Hard Stats:

51% of Workers Are Looking to Leave Their Current Jobs

This is so true, could even be truer, lol.

Not many people on the job are happy with the job. A lot of them wish they could get out, but more some reasons, choose to stay back.

2. For the Person Who Cares About Their Health:

Hating Your Job Can Lead to Weight Gain, Illness, and Mental Health Issues

Hating your job can lead to depression and anxiety, as you will keep worrying about work yet to be done. It’ll increase your chances of having heart diseases, make you lose sleep, kill your confidence and many others.

3. For the Person Who’s Not Unhappy, But Not Happy:

It’s Smarter to Look for a Job When You’re Happy at Your Current Role

According to a U.S news article, you’re in a much better position to look for a role while you’re content in your current situation than when you’re miserable.

4. For the Person Who Likes to Make Excuses:

You Have Everything in Your Power to Be Happy at Work

5. For the Person Who Is Moved by Inspirational Quotes:

“Someday Is Not a Day of the Week”

7. For the Person Who Read All This Advice and Is Ready to Take That Next Step:

Job Searching Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!

If you want to do a thing, just do it. Don’t think about it in the negative. Focus on the positive and just get it done.


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