Duties of a Virtual Customer Assistant
Essential Duties of a Virtual Customer Assistant

With the rise in the cases of coronavirus around the world, especially in Nigeria, Governments have put out preventive measures to curb or reduce the spread.

One of such measures was to enforce a lockdown across the country. The lockdown prevented businesses from moving and carrying out their normal business activities.

The lockdown also forced customers to utilize online searches and medium to purchase essential commodities. The increase in the search and requests for these goods and services online spurred an overwhelming demand for customer service agents. 

Organizations now see the need to hire more competent customer service agents to meet the demands of customers online.

Two major ways the virtual customer service agents work are:

  1. Chat jobs: managing communication lines on digital platforms such as Facebook chats, Twitter chat, Instagram or Whatsapp chats, etc.
  2. Live Chat jobs: which involve communicating with customers live on a website with a program installed on the website.

If you are new to the customer service space, here are some essential duties of a virtual customer assistant.

1. Responding to chats/emails:

As a virtual customer service agent, one of your core duties are to respond to chats, messages or emails. Customers may send in requests or inquire about a particular product or service, your duty as a virtual customer assistant is to ensure you respond.

2. Make and receive calls:

Some customers would prefer interacting with the customer service agent before proceeding to make a purchase. This is their own way of confirming that they are dealing with an actual person/business. As a virtual customer assistant, your job is to receive these calls and make calls when necessary.

3. Address a customer’s concern:

As a virtual customer service assistant, one of your job duties is to address a customer’s concern. When customers lay their complaints on any issue, it is your duty to attend to them and resolve or escalate it to the appropriate authority.

4. Providing advice on company product/service:

With several products or services to choose from, a customer may end up confused when determining the right choice to make. Your duty is to understand a customer’s need and preference and give them advice on the best product suitable for them.

5. Take/process orders:

As a virtual customer service assistant, one important duty to perform is to take or process orders from customers. Customers may chat with you to request a particular product or service, your duty is to process their orders.

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    Joyce Ejezie

    I would love to work as a Virtual Customer Service Assistant. Please kindly notify me when such roles are Available. Thank You!


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    Adamu Ruth Maryjane

    I think it’s a great opportunity for people to still be able to make money from home.

    I’d like to be employed for this service if it’s available


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