don't lie in a job interview in lagos
Don’t lie in a job interview in Lagos

It was another fine day at work and we had scheduled interviews for job candidates. The aim was to fill up a role we were hiring for. First of all! Don’t lie in a job interview in Lagos. You are most likely to be exposed and this can cost you your chance of getting the job.

It is not acceptable or ethical to lie about anything you are asked at a job interview. Interviewers usually can tell when you are not being truthful.

This is exactly what happened…

One of the candidates who came for the job interview had walked in and taken his sit. And then we found out that he was not invited for the interview, after which  he was asked the question, “were you invited for the interview?” You can guess what answer he gave already. YES of course!.

As a result, he was asked to present proof by showing us the message he received and that was when he started to tell stories. “I lost my phone today,” he said. After checking our list yet again, we found out that he really was not invited. And that was when he informed us that truly, he was not invited. What happened after this? Of course, he was asked to leave.

He was not asked to leave because he ‘gatecrashed’ the interview as there were few others who also did and were allowed to proceed with the session. He was asked to leave because he lied about it and persisted still.

Do not tell other lies

As a matter of fact, there are other lies that people tell way too often at interviews. Some people tend to lie about their skills and accomplishments. Why would you do that to yourself? When you lie about having skills you do not have, the interviewer can already tell that you are unsure of what you are saying. This can happen when you are asked to demonstrate that skill and you fail at it. Your integrity would be at stake.

Moral of the story

You should never lie when you go for an interview. Do not lie to an interviewer. Above all, do not lie to yourself.

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