Why you are Scared Of Delegating Duties

Why you are Scared Of Delegating Duties

Are you the type of Boss who likes to do everything himself or herself? Thinking no one will do it as perfectly as you would.

I’ve seen Leaders of organizations wear out simply because they refused to delegate some duties out.

You are definitely not the best person to do the job, someone else can do it better. It is the fear of delegating it to someone else that makes us work more than we should if we had delegated some tasks out.

I’ll share some of the fears and belief we have when it comes to delegating tasks and the truth instead.


Without my direct involvement, the outcome will suffer.


Freeing others to act produces better results.

If you don’t leave others to act and carry out their activities themselves, how do you expect them to be creative and productive.

Remember that failure is also part of the process, so if they fail, it’s also part of the learning process.


I can do it better myself.


Others will gladly supply the skills I lack.

The truth is, there’s always someone smarter and more capable, and wise leaders are more willing to admit that.


Just like Lawrence Wilson rightly said, we are not always the best and most capable person for the job, there’s always someone smarter who can do it better than we can or would.


When I allow others to do my work, I become irrelevant.


Delegation frees me to do the things only I can do.

The fear of losing one’s place, often manifested as a desire to feel needed, creates a bottleneck in the organization.

The solution is to release control whenever possible. Delegate the things that anyone can do and reserve your energy for yourself.


If I share power, I will lose it.


Delegating duties or authority extends my reach.

Another of Lawrence Wilson’s quote rightly states: When you have communicated your vision clearly, you can delegate with confidence.

You wouldn’t have the fear of losing your power when you have communicated your vision properly and thoroughly.


False beliefs limit our effectiveness. And at the root of each false belief is a fear: fear of failure, fear of irrelevance, fear of being overthrown, etc.

Replace your fears by effectively communicating your vision and working on the things only you can.

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