Quotes to Inspire you to find a job
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10 Inspirational Quotes to Inspire you to find a job

If you have been in a job search for a long time, you know by now that finding a job is difficult. You must have checked numerous job boards and have sent your resume to a lot of companies, but they seem to ignore you time and time again. This can cause you to think that you are unemployable; that your skills are not at par with the standard. But you must realize that you are not alone. Many job seekers are finding it difficult to land a job. Yet, let me tell you that everything rests in your mindset. You will find a job sooner than you think. Below are quoted to inspire you to find a job; so continue persevering.

You only have one life and if you live your life right, you don’t need another one.” – Mae West

 What this quote means is a simple reminder that you do not need to ask for another chance, another life or even a belief in reincarnation. You can have a good life right now only if you live it right. If you live your life with discipline, perseverance doused with a good heart and positivity, you have lived your life to the fullest. And that is enough already.    

“I am not the result of the life given to me, I am the result of my decisions.” – Stephen Covey  

This quote means every individual is not the result of his unfortunate state in life. One can be poor, without an education, etc.  but it does not equate that one will live forever to be poor. Now that you are on a job search, you need this as quotes to inspire you to find a job. Remember, it is the decision one makes that can seal one’s fate. Decide and go find your fate.

“Success does not happen accidentally, you have to make it happen.” – Chris Grosser

This quote means if you want opportunities or success knocking on your door, you have to pave the way to make it happen. If you want to have a high-paying job in a company, you must make the necessary effort to make it happen. 

“A man who is not sure where to go or what his ultimate goal, cannot achieve victory.” – Arthur Golden

The quote reminds us that in order to attain success, you must be clear of your goal. If you are not sure or clear of what it is, then success is impossible.  

“Strength is not outside, but it is within us.” – Anna Freud

For those who seek courage, confidence from external things, this quote reminds us that the most invaluable source of these qualities is within you.

“It is always possible to have a brand new start now and create a new result than ponder of what could have been.” – Carl Bard

 Failures and mistakes happen but the best way to pick yourself from them is to re-start now to change it. 

“Go with the people who value and celebrate you as this is where you will realize your true self.” – Unknown

This quote means, go seek people who see your true value. When you are with these people, it is easy to start and pick yourself up once you meet failures and mistakes. 

“The best perfect time to do it is now.” – Alan Cohen

 If you are waiting for the perfect condition to do something, it will never come. The best time to do it is now. 

“Stop talking but start doing.” – Walt Disney

This quote reminds us to keep ourselves from talking too much about what should we do, but actually spend our energy doing it rather than talking about it. 

“Passivity will lead you nowhere but action can.” – Dr. Henry Link

The quote reminds us that being passive and not acting will generate negative doubts and confusion. Take action and those doubts will disappear.

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