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Sales/Recruitment Specialist
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About Company

Our client is looking to hire highly intelligent and qualified candidates from all parts of Nigeria to fill the role of Sales/Recruitment Specialist. As a recruitment specialist, you will be in charge of acquiring job vacancies, finding advertising channels to promote jobs, and utilising the channels to attract candidates to the job post.

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for acquiring recruitment deals.

- Find advertising channels to promote job vacancies.

- Manage accounts and meet targets relating to revenue growth, activities, profit margin, advertising budget and customer retention.

- Responsible for passive talent search.

- Advertising vacancies by drafting and placing adverts in a range of media, for example, newspapers, websites, magazines.

- Using social media to advertise positions, attract candidates and build relationships with candidates and employers.

- Identifying and approaching suitable candidates who may already be in work.

- Prepare resumes and correspondence to forward to clients regarding suitable applicants.

- Organizing interviews for candidates as requested by the client and informing candidates about the results of their interviews.

- Negotiating salary rates and finalizing arrangements between client and candidates.


Preferably a degree in Human Resources, English,  Marketing or

any related field. 


·        SEO Skills

·        Good communication skills

·        Critical reasoning ability

·        Good relationship & interpersonal skills

·        Negotiation skills

·        Good quantitative and computer skills

·        Good problem-solving skills