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Job Detail

Product Manager (Vertical Solution Engineer)
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About Company

Our client is recruiting qualified candidates to fill the role of Product Manager (Vertical Solution Engineer). The purpose of VSE(Vertical Solution Engineer)is to further extend the solution ability to the customer by focusing on industry and customer.

Job Responsibilities

·         To deeply understand industry customer’s needs and expansion strategy

·         Source for opportunities by using solution to develop customised solution

·         To expand and promote solution competitiveness

·         Responsible for enhancing brand awareness for the respective industry

·         To form a team with Account Manager on a recommended mode of operation.


·         At least 15 years experience in public safe and government affairs industry.

·         Work experience in Nigeria home ministry, police office, defence ministry, FCTA, customhouse


·         Team player

·         Proactive behaviour

·         Good interpersonal communication

·         Negotiation skills

·         Problem-solving skills

·         Time management