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Job Detail

Send a Resume and Cover Letter to

About Company

Our client is a telecommunication giant in Africa

Job Responsibilities

OSSRC Management related to FM,CM,PM Secuirty.No outage in oss Since Last 8 months. All operations related to Oss have been managed precisely and smoothly.

•Server Managemnet,OSSRC has 22 servers in set up and managed currently, Which Includes SOEM and Tellabs DB server and support to Team.

•Routine Health check of all servers, Maintaining hygiene in system with deleting unwanted logs asking individuals to decrease their utilization on Oss. Escalation to HW support for HW related issues or to Customer support incase of malfunctioning in system beyond Managed services, Proper follow up & Closure of case.

•User Management:-All Accounts creation/deletion/adding of Rights/modification in Roles, designing new Roles as per authority for user & Quarterly validation of all accounts with their proper follow up and closure.

•Backup Tracker & CSR Tracker:-Maintain proper details of backup and CSR till now for all the server where we have backup facility.CSR tracker is maintain to track the issues and closure dates/remarks


1. B.E. (Electrical/Electronics)

 2. Familiar with JS programming

 3. Familiar with one kind of database operation

 2. 3 years work experience


 Ensure OSS Tools Operation & Maintenance

2. Project Management for New Customers/New Features

3.People Management

4.Ensure Subject Matter Expert Solution Support to Pre Sales Department & Coordination with R&D China