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Hosting Operations Manager

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About Company

Our client is recruiting qualified candidates to fill the role of Hosting Operations Manager.

Job Responsibilities

Establish operation methodology and process for Hosting Project based on deep understanding of the mobile internet and telecom VAS (Value-added Services) operation.

Support hosting service business development and hosting service operation solution, business case development, commercial negotiation, and communication.

Dedication to hosting service operation work, provide operation plan and implement routine operation flow.

Monitor and analyze VAS service adoption trends, operation data, provide promotion suggestion, communicate with the respective team or department to coordinate operation flow.

Support hosting projects in terms of a delivery plan, key milestone assessment as well as project governance.

Implement pacification scheme when platform operation issues arise.

Organize market promotion activities, provide and implement promotion plans, and manage promotion channels.

Support financial and settlement workflow.

Effective communication with executive customers.


  1. B.Sc qualification in Electrical/Electronics Engineering or any related discipline.

  2. Minimum of 2:2 is required. 


  1. Experience: 2+ years in the VAS services department of Telecom industry, Internet Company or VAS service provider.

  End-to-end service operation process understanding.


  Business Development.


  User experience enhancement, data analysis, digital media content management.

  Marketing of Value Added Services.

 Good understanding of digital entertainment space.

 Result-orientated, passionate and a team player.

 Proficiency in verbal and written English.

Good communication skills.