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Job Detail

Graphic Designer
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About Company

Our client is looking to hire a creative genius to fill the position of a Graphic Designer

Job Responsibilities

·         Meet clients or account managers or sales team to discuss the business objectives and requirements on the job

·         Advise on strategies to reach a particular audience or projects

·         Develop graphics and visual for proposal, logos, branding and websites

·         Create designs using computer software packages lespecially on Corel draw, Adobe CS etc

·         Estimate the time required to complete the work and providing quotes for clients;

·         Think creatively to produce new ideas and concepts and developed interactive design;

·         Using innovation to redefine a design brief within the constraints of cost and time;

·         Work with a range of media, including computer-aided design (CAD) and keeping up to date with emerging technologies;

·         Proofreading to produce accurate and high-quality work;

·         Work as part of a team HR, HR Outsourcing, Business Growth and specialists Vendors.

·         Design sample page layouts including text size and colours;

·         Design graphics, animations and manipulating digital photographs;

·         Registered new and existing web domain names and organising the hosting of the website

·         Work with different content management systems and search engine optimization

·         Testing the website to ensure it is working perfectly


  • ·         Completed NYSC

    ·         Completed Undergraduate degree

    ·         Undergraduate degree in Fine Arts or related field or equivalent visual design and graduate degree preferred


·         Communication design;

·         Proposals and Branding

·         Graphic design and illustration;

·         Photography

·         Passion, Integrity, and Energy

·         Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

·         Ability to make evaluative judgments

·         Analytical skills -Ability to see design and ensure you convey the desired message.

·         Artistic ability -Ability to create interesting visuals and design that meet the objectives of projects.

·         Communication skills.- Effectively communicate concepts with my team

·         Computer skills.-Ability to use the computer effectively

·         Creativity- create unique designs that convey a meaningful idea.

·         Time-Management Skills- Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines