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Job Detail

ESS Technician (Specialist)

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About Company

Our Client is a top telecommunication giant in Nigeria, we are currently expanding operations and need experienced professionals

Job Responsibilities

  • Interface with Planning in the implementation/installation/upgrade of equipment in the assigned switching centres, BTS/TX sites.
  • Interface with security on technological research in protecting facilities at the sites.
  • Administrative task of paying local power source bills in assigned switching center.
  • Task Complexity:

    Maintain optimal performance of all  power systems within the  assigned locations region.(UPS, Control Panel systems, Generators)
    Conduct routine maintenance of all power installations and leased property within assigned area.
    Give updates to the ESS Specialist in ensuring the collation of monthly reports on ESS activities within the assigned locations/area
    Constant collection and collation of data on the duration of supply of local commercial power (e.g. PHCN), power outages, and power consumptions for the High capacity None Technical locations, Switches, BTS/TX sites within the region.
    Ensure that our installations and leased property within the region are within our specifications.
  • Supervisory / Leadership / Managerial Complexity:

    Supervision of Maintenance contractors.

    Effective self supervision for quality service delivery in low turn around time.

    Ensure optimization of regional resources.

    Ensure that resources both material and human are available for all planned network expansions to take place as scheduled.
    Implementation of department’s strategies within the region
    Conducts financial analysis and assesses viability of projects


Bachelors of Higher National Diploma  in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or its equivalent.


Four (4) years experience in implementation and maintenance of power and cooling systems in telecommunications industry


Core purpose of the Job:  (Short description)

To co-ordinate the entire operation and maintenance of all mechanical and electrical systems at Client installations (Non- Technical Locations, Switch centre and BTS/TX) within the assigned region and provide 2nd level support to regional operations team.

Context: (Global influences, environmental / industry demands, organizational mission, etc.)

  • Resistive and politically virile communities
  • High level of technology in underdeveloped communities
  • Infrastructure deficiencies and constraints
  • Quality of network is a distinguishing factor in the telecommunications industry.