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Job Detail

End User Support Leader
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About Company

Our client is recruiting qualified candidates to fill the position of End User Support Leader

Job Responsibilities

     Troubleshoot and resolve network access and server issues.

     Proactively assist in service desk duties, supporting printers, hardware, software and related technical issues at the desk side.

     Install and configure operating systems and other business related software on End User computing devices.

     Ensure all client applications are at the current software patch levels in line with the Customers Enterprise software Update policy.

     Configure, set up and troubleshoot e-mail access.

     Configure and set up of hardware such as End User computers, printers (network and dedicated) and other peripherals.

     Data back-up and recovery of user data stored on End User devices onto removable medium will be performed as part of regular IMAC activities.

     Detect, diagnose and correct computer hardware, software, and peripheral errors.

     Replace any in-scope hardware device which is not working in accordance with the agreed Service Levels.

     Plan, schedule and execute preventative maintenance of computers and peripherals.

     Provide regular progress reports on key issues and provide recommendations on new enhancements that would improve the efficiency of the systems.



     A Bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma


    Minimum of two (2) years relevant work experience

    Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

    Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite as well as a good knowledge about reporting tools especially using Microsoft Excel. 

    Ability to visualize or decipher patterns in trend and provide insightful feedback to support business decisions.

    Effective Communication

    Interpersonal skills