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Job Detail

DC Facility Management Leader
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About Company

Our client is looking to hire qualified candidates to fill the position of DC Facility Management Leader

Job Responsibilities

·  Preparing physical facilities in line with industry best practices and Customer guidelines (ISO Standards and DCIM Standards).

·     Coordinating the resolution of raised floor equipment.

·   Managing and monitoring of power/cooling for the respective facilities.

·        Implementing effective energy management schemes to reduce environmental costs related to fuel, electricity & cooling, with demonstrable reductions in costs.

·        Conducting data centre and rack space planning including rack placement and floor plan design for existing and new data centers.

·        Developing and Maintaining physical configuration plan for the infrastructure assets

·        Manage and coordinate equipment install/moves and changes to all hardware.

·        Manage, coordinate, install and conduct the de-installation of hardware equipment.

·        Manage and co-ordinate the physical access control of the data centres and remote computer rooms in accordance with the agreed security practices.

·       Manage, coordinate, install and maintain data centre cabling (Fiber, UTP, InfiniBand and other).

·  Conduct daily data centre inspections, and conduct corrective steps to remediate equipment that is faulty for all equipment, including, but not limited to;

o   Power and cooling equipment

o   Server hardware

o   Networking and SAN hardware

o   Storage hardware

o   Building monitoring systems

o   Cabling

· Inspection and management of fire suppression equipment, maintained by facilities management, issues should be reported and managed to completion.

·        Advisory and design of data centre facilities for both existing and new data centres that may be commissioned throughout the lifecycle of the contract.



·        Minimum of Bachelor’s degree or HND


·      Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar position