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Job Detail

60 Base Transceiver Station Engineers Wanted
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About Company

Our client is recruiting qualified candidates to fill the role of BTS/TX Engineers

Job Responsibilities

·         Perform both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on network equipment (BTS).

·         Implement cell site expansions as and when it is necessary.

·         Ensure that all alarms (BTS) are cleared in a timely manner. Aim is that no alarms are found on sites.

·         Responsible for the completeness and accuracy of cell site log each time a site visit is made.

·         Assist with the implementation of interconnect links from switch to other operator facilities.

·         Ensure that all faulty equipment under your care are returned to the appropriate place and where necessary sent for repairs with necessary documentation.

·         Sites under your care must be kept clean at all times.

·         Receive daily reports on problematic links under your care and act accordingly to prevent any outage.

·         Monitor and report fuel shortage, faulty generator and faulty Air conditioners to the power team and follow up to ensure these problems are fixed.

·         Ensure maintenance contractors are providing on-time and high quality services of equipment at sites as per contract.

·         Ensure that all external alarm are configured and are functioning at all time in your area of operation.

·         Ensure that all equipment installed at sites is in perfect working condition.

·         Assist Rollout department during commissioning of new RBS/BTS and the performance of acceptance tests.


·         Must have a degree in Telecommunication or Electrical or Computer Engineering

·         Minimum 3 year experience at same position

·         Good knowledge of BTS, Transmission equipment

·         Must have good knowledge of TI/CW installation/integration

·         Must have good knowledge of computer and telecom networks and its operation

·         Must have good troubleshooting experience of TRS and BTS equipment.

·         Must have good communication skills

·         Must be able to work under pressure

·         Must be ready for business trips to other cities in Sierra Leone


§  Creativity

§  Math Skills

§  Mechanical Skills

§  Problem-Solving Skills

§  Teamwork

§  Listening Skills: Listening to workers, teammates and management is crucial to an engineers job.

§  Communication Skills