External Facilitator

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  • Location:

    Lagos, Nigeria
  • Industry:

  • Job Type:

  • Salary:

  • Required Experience:

    2 to 5 years
  • Posted:

    31st August, 2017 (1 year ago)
  • Application Deadline:

    9th August, 2017

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Name: MacTay Consulting
Email: recruitment@mactayconsulting.com
Phone: 01 270 6336
Website: www.mactaygroup.com
Address: No. 5 Prince Adelowo Adedeji Street Lekki Lagos Nigeria,

Job Description

A top, performance-driven consulting firm, with a deep-seated passion for enabling growth and development in people and companies


§   Document and deliver accurate documents on client briefs and Presentation request 24hours after meetings

§   Contribute to business growth by making joint presentations with BG at all clients locations (ratio of presentations to request/business won)

§   Carry out joint visit with BG to high net-worth (A Clients)at least once per week targeting new consulting and training projects

§   Visit all business partners and grow the existing business by 10%

§   Support Business Growth by developing accurate proposals using the standard format within 24hours of request. (documentation/ survey feedback)

§   Develop and present 100% accurate material/document from BG department client brief request and deliver to BG department (6 hrs/Basic and 24hrs/Major)

§   Achieve zero customer loss from poor service

§   100% compliance with all statutory obligations

§   Conduct quarterly trend analysis on Training/Consulting and generate report to supervisor (questionnaire)

§   Submit quarterly report on data and research findings to be implemented in the following quarter to supervisor in support of company’s consulting drive (report template)

§   Carry out joint visit with BG to high net-worth (A Clients) once per week targeting at least 1 new consulting project within the year

§   Develop and communicate project plans for projects 48 hours after receipt of brief

§   Develop and implement the new Consulting process

§   Identify and partner with potential consulting experts

§   Updatetraining manuals and materials based on trends and program feedback quarterly and share with supervisor.

§   Translate program brief into content/slide/manual/tools and exercises review with Facilitator 7 days before program implementation.

§   Achieve a minimum satisfaction rating of 90% per program implemented for all consultants (happy sheets)

§   Achieve a performance rating of 80% from team members on all consulting projects executed. (questionnaire)

§   Provide 95% technical/logistical support to trainings via use of standard process for program delivery checklist (sppd checklist)

§   100% quality compliance for produced course materials 48 hours prior to training. (Production checklist)

§   Conduct program briefing 48hours to and de-briefing 24hours after respectively for external facilitators for all programs.(observation, TTT, meetings)

§   Implement 100% training evaluation for all program.(visitation/phone feedback)

§   Submit post training report to client 48 hours after completion of all projects (documentation/ phone/ email feedback)

§   Submit all evaluation forms 24hours after program delivery


    • o    Revenue Growth

      ·Develop and implement marketing strategies along with BG that create opportunities for revenue growth 

      · Support BG team to ensure that viable leads are generated and converted into business opportunities 

      ·         Consulting

      §   Drive overall consulting project delivery and development, also Increase Consulting visibility

      ·         Training Oversees the overall effective training delivery at all locations

      ·         Performance Management/Knowledge Management 

      ·         Internal and External Consultants

      ·         Budget Management

      ·         LDS Production


A University Degree in any  of the Social Sciences. A minimum of 10 years’ experience in Management Consulting of which 5 must be as a Training Facilitator

Required Skills