The Wait – What To Do Before You get Called After a Job Invite
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The Wait – What To Do Before You get Called After a Job Invite


Recently, interviews have been ongoing in our organization.

A few people who have been interviewed previously but didn’t get called up, came back to the office to complain of not getting feedback.

I could see the worries and fears in their eyes and they narrated their plight to me.

“I came for an interview here last week and I was told they’ll get back to me but it’s already a week and I have not heard anything from you guys”….. lamented a concerned prospective employee.

I looked on at him as he complained, he was obviously frustrated.

What pained me the most was that it was the third time he was coming to check for a confirmation this week.

Each time he came, he spent some substantial amount of money on transportation and that brings me to the question for today….

How long should you wait after attending a job invite before bugging them for a reply?

Or, should you even disturb them at all?

What can you do during the time of “the wait”?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below…..

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