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How To Reapply For A Job And Get It

How To Re-apply For A Job You Were Previously Rejected And Get It

A friend of mine once applied for a position and after series of interviews, didn’t get the job. Couple of months later, the same organisation had an opening for the same position and she was wondering if she could reapply after being rejected the first time.

If you’re like Karthy, my friend, you may be contemplating not applying because you feel since you were rejected before, you could as well still be rejected.

But tell you what? Applying for a job you have previously been rejected even gives you an edge to get the job as opposed to new applicants.

Here are few tips to follow to land a job if you’re reapplying at an organisation or position you’ve previously been rejected.

1. Develop New Skills:

Developing new skills than you had when you previously applied for the position could give you an edge to getting the job again.

2. Gain Experience:

When it comes to gaining experience, it necessarily doesn’t have to be a paid employment. It could be a volunteer service but ensure you’re not idle from the time you first applied to when you’re reapplying.

3. Make Yourself Known:

Let’s be real, if you don’t make yourself known, you might just get lost in the myriad of applications that will definitely be submitted. And you will just be screened like every other applicant who applied for the same position. To make yourself known, you can either send an email after you’ve submitted an application stating that you’ve previously applied for the position and that you’d want to reapply because you’ve gained the needed experience and developed new skills that would enable you perform well at the job.

It can be frightening to apply at an organisation for a position you’ve previously applied and was rejected. You tag yourself a failure that since you were rejected before, they might not consider you for another opportunity. Stop that self doubt and believe that you will get the job and you sure will.


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