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If you’re a sales person, an entrepreneur, a boss or an employee, at some point, you will need to win people over intelligently to do your bid. Here’s my story on how to effectively do this:

So, this morning, I had woken up in high Spirits. I was exceptionally happy (Don’t know why though ).

I jumped off the bed in smiles, said a short prayer (which was actually very short) and went on to prepare for work.

Some minutes later, I was ready and headed straight for the bus park, boarded a bus and took a perfect seating position where I could see everything happening in and outside the bus.

Like the driver knew I was happy, he spiced up my day with an interesting gospel hit.

Well, I was enjoying the music so I started swinging my head from left to right, tapping my feet and humming to the rythm of the song.

Only for us to be interrupted by a loud roar from the back.


A passenger thundered….on looking back.

The driver, being defensive, replied him almost immediately(somewhat angrily).

Shebi na you buy moto for me wey you dey bark like say I be your pikin.

Abeg commot for my moto if na bad luck you be this early momo

When you suppose dey follow thank God say you see today, you want make I stop the song. Remove that thing today, you go hear am. Weere.

To which the man replied and they continued in hot exchange of words as the driver refused to reduce or stop the music. He asked the said passenger to alight if he felt the music was disturbing, because….according to him, he wanted God to bless his day and it was only fair to start with praise.

Well, I wanted to praise God too sha….😂. So, do I care what happens??

We continued in our journey and shortly after, a young man sitting very close to me had an incoming call he needed to attend to.

I was looking….wondering how he was going to take the call in such a loud and noisy bus.

He looked on, and approached the driver…..nicely I must comment.

Driver, abeg, you fit help me reduce the song? I wan talk to persin for phone.

In my mind, I was like….arhhg! This stubborn driver.

But surprisingly, the driver obliged and maybe even stopped the music, because I just realised I was the only one singing ‘Hallelujah to the Lord eehh’ all of a sudden. I had to stop immediately😮 (awkward voice🙈)

So how did the second guy get to convince the driver in just few seconds while the first guy who tried to convince the driver(by shouting, proving he was wrong) couldn’t get the driver to reduce the volume.

This is it, nobody likes to be coerced.

You may use coercion to get someone do something for you, but it’ll never be from their heart.

Instead of raising your voice, shouting….why not make the other person see reasons why they should do your bid….

Put yourself in the person’s position and ask “How would I love to be told to do this?”

“How would I feel if I’m told this or that?”

Do you have a stubborn son and want to get him to do something for you?? Think about the things you’d love to hear if you were in his shoes.

Even when it comes to selling your products or ideas to individuals, learn to talk about the other person’s interest first and not just about your product.

This should be applied in our day-to-day dealings with humans…..

Before you lash out, take on the person’s position for a while and find a better way of dealing with the problem.

That way, you make more friends to yourself than enemies.

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