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Workplace productivity is a joint effort of every member of an organization. It depends majorly on the skills put together by the different employees of the organization. There are skills and qualities that a job seeker must have to function effectively and productively in the workplace. When these skills are missing in a great number of an organization’s employees, the productivity level will be low.

Some of the skills a job seeker must have to ensure a productivity fit in the workplace:


One of the skills needed for workplace productivity is team work by every member of the organization. Everyone’s individual effort is needed collaboratively to ensure success at the end.

Ability to work under pressure:

There are certain times in an organization when pressure will be needed to ensure it achieves its aim. For instance, when it comes to deadlines, employees might need to be pressured to ensure the deadlines are met.

Work without supervision:

Although, some duties require proper supervision, individuals who can work without supervision would be preferred over those who can’t. Being able to work without supervision goes to show an individual’s self confidence.

Result oriented:

A result oriented individual is more likely to be preferred than a salary oriented individual. Someone who is more concerned with achieving results for the organization will work hard to ensure goals are met.

Attention to details:

Paying attention to details is one must have skill for an individual to possess before joining an organization. An individual who lacks attention to details may end up making a costly mistake that may affect the organization negatively.

Microsoft Office Suite:

Being proficient in some of the Microsoft office tools is expedient for an organization’s productivity. Some of the major office tools are Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These tools are important as most organizations make use of these tools in their everyday operations.

Possessing these skills in a work setting could guarantee productivity and ultimately success. An organization’s success is a combination of the skills of every member of the organization. A single employee may not necessarily possess all the skills but an organization must be a variety of skills by different individuals.

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