work from home jobs
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Work from home jobs

A work from home job is one in which you can carry out your duties at home without physically present at the office. Prior to this time, everyone had to go to the office and work either 9-5 or more. But, with the current advancement in technology, the opportunities to work from home keeps rising. Most of the work from home jobs are suitable for women or parents who prefers to spend more time with their children. If you dislike the stress of having to go to the office daily, getting stuck in traffic, then, you should probably consider a work from home job. To be successful at work from home jobs, you need to be self motivated, disciplined, time conscious and have the required job skills.

If you’re considering working from home, here are some jobs to start with:

1. Freelance Writer:

A freelance writer is one who writes contents for websites. It is one of the best work from home jobs. As new websites are continually launched for various purposes, the need to hire a writer increases. Most website owners hire freelance writers to write professional and unique content to be published on the website.

As a freelance writer, read these rules could help you

2.Web developer/designer

A web developer/designer is someone who designs websites and ensure its maintenance. As long as you have access to the internet and a laptop with IT experience, you can work from home. Web developers are in high demand as many website owners need someone to design and maintain their websites.

3. Customer service representative

If you’re good at talking on the phone, then customer service representative should be a likely option to consider. Customer service representative is one of the biggest in the work from home jobs. You must have excellent speaking skills, patience and basic computer skills to be a customer service representative.

4. Consultant:

A consultant is someone who provides expert advice in a particular field. There are many types of consultants such a business, finance, education, relationship, religion, health, law etc consultant.

5. Social Media Specialist:

Companies hire social media specialists to boost their online presence. Social media is a major marketing tool and that is why companies leverage on this opportunity to improve the sales of the company. A social media specialist works on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc,. They generate traffic to the company’s website by attracting a lot of followers.

6. Health Specialist: Recently, I heard about an app where you get health tips from. If you have any health challenge, instead of immediately rushing to the hospital, you can just talk to a specialist. The health specialist asks some questions from you and from your response, diagnoses the problem. If it’s a serious problem, he advises you to see the doctor or prescribes some drugs for you to get.

7. Survey Taker:

Companies now hire persons who can take surveys for them for a research work. Survey taking requires you to work from home and you only need to have access to a computer and internet. You might be required to take an opinion poll or answer questions about a subject in taking surveys.

8. Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistants are administrative professionals who provides professional support or services to entrepreneurs and business managers over the internet. A Virtual Assistant can plan a company’s event, schedule its appointments, or keep the accounts of the company.

9. Online Tutor:

Basically, people prefer taking online courses to attending a physical training center. This is because it is convenient as you can learn from the comfort of your homes. Online tutoring is perfect for people who love tutoring but hate to stand in front of a classroom.

10. Translator:

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can translate audio files or documents via the internet. As a professional translator, you must combine the knowledge of the language and the culture.


More work from home jobs would be birthed as the world of technology continuously evolves. Work from home jobs gives you liberty to work on your schedule. To be successful at working from home, you must be highly disciplined.

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