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What is SAP®? Register with MacTay Consulting Today!

What is SAP®? Register with MacTay Consulting Today!

SAP®, a global software company, is one of the largest vendors of ERP and other enterprise applications. SAP’s ERP system enables companies to run their business processes such as: accounting, sales, production, human resources or payments in an integrated environment.

Why learn SAP®?

Many of the world’s top companies use SAP® for their business processes, and these numbers are growing. With this growth, the need for professionals with SAP skills is also on the rise. No matter what area or position, SAP skills are needed and are ever more often required. Thus having a basic knowledge of SAP is a great asset. This gets even better with a full fledged SAP certification!! There is no better time to get certified in SAP than now!!


  1. Pay in installments and become certified in SAP
  2. Become a freelance SAP Consultant and be your own boss
  3. Give yourself a competitive edge in the ever challenging labour market
  4. Structured enablement through guided learning rooms
  5. Access to SAP experts
  6. Unlimited access to all learning content
  7. On-demand learning, anytime, anywhere
  8. The most cost-effective way to learn about SAP software
    a. Exam preparation for SAP software certification
    b. World-class learning with a market leader.

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